Whatever It Takes Make More Money with Jodi Glickman

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For more info click here: http://witnation.com/makemoremoney/ Jodi Glickman is an expert in training young people how to be Great on the Job. Jodi is an entrepreneur, author, public speaker,…
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3 Responses to “Whatever It Takes Make More Money with Jodi Glickman”

  1. The Fab Forums says:

    All the new shows look awesome…still waiting for some episode uploads.

  2. Max Yuryev says:

    Hey GC video editors please work on the audio a bit! I understand that the
    hosts of these shows probably shot these videos of themselves using their
    smartphones and without audio recorders for microphones but you guys could
    at least edit the audio a bit to improve it. You guys do a phenomenal job
    with the video edits, titles, and effects but the audio in these last
    series of promotional ads have been pretty bad. You guys could use some
    noise removal, echo removal, and add a tiny bit of bass to make it sound
    much better. I know you invest a lot of time into making these look great
    but an extra 5 minutes would improve the audio greatly. 

  3. accent77 says:

    She can’t afford a decent camera or a microphone?

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