What I Sell On Ebay To Make Money Every Day

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Want to see What I Sell On Ebay To Make Money Everyday?

Selling on Ebay is how I pay my bills and is a main source of income for myself.

In today’s video I will…
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19 Responses to “What I Sell On Ebay To Make Money Every Day”

  1. Businessman Bandit says:

    If only we hit theses kind of sells everyday we be retired on the beach
    before we we’re 30 man. Lol

  2. FTIdeas says:

    good work

  3. C Money says:

    Damn man I am always on the lookout for Starter Jackets nice!

  4. whodidit99 says:

    Have you purchased anymore of those 4 bar monster clothing racks for your
    storeroom? Can you fit 1000 on 4 of those racks? I just got a sturdy 2
    bar rack for $20 at an estate sale. It’s going to really come in handy.
    I’d be interested in hearing how you are going to organize your inventory.
    I cancelled a sale because I couldn’t find the pants, then found them and
    emailed the guy and he’s going to repurchase them. Frustrating. 

  5. colust says:

    I have been testing clothes recently and I would need a huge stock to make
    $100 a day average full time. As im only doubling my money on each sale
    that would take along time to accumulate.

    How did you manage to scale up clothes selling?

  6. CanadianGuap says:

    Found my first pendelton today haha I’m stoked got it for 8$ in great shape
    and red and green like gucci colours plaid , virgin wool lodge wear , Im
    probably going to list for 49.99 , think thats to low? 

  7. Carly Crane says:

    You should press your items before listing. I automatically skip to the
    next item if I see the seller has not taken the time to iron it. I bought a
    steamer at the goodwill for 14.99 I use it on all the clothing before I
    list it ;)

  8. Chris McAuliffe says:

    Good info as always thanks brotha! Question do you do best offer on most of
    your items? If not what is you qualifying reason to put a BO on an item?

  9. wino hank says:

    I do quite well with sport jerseys, no matter the team if it’s a NFL NBA
    etc.with the official tag the size don’t matter. They sell quick and easy.
    It doesn’t hurt if the team is doing good either.

  10. Mark Rice says:

    What software do you use to make your videos and show your computer screen?

  11. Pat Grant says:


  12. phatfool33 says:

    If you don’t mind me asking man is this your full time job? If so how much
    you pulling in a month(profit for yourself)? And how many items do you sell
    a month? 

  13. Squirrelsguy's Online Auctions says:

    The heydays of Starbucks mugs is over. (thanks again Walmart) I’m sitting
    on a big inventory waiting for the market to come around a little again at
    least for out of production cups. You were lucky to move yours at all

  14. candicegarza85 says:

    another awesome video thanks brotha… me and my fiancee also resell on
    ebay… check me out @ http://stores.ebay.com/C-Cs-Vintage-Outlet … would
    love to talk to you more… im down the street from bonafide, in san
    antonio, tx.

  15. Nanette Porras says:

    Steve, What month last year did you start selling strictly clothes?

  16. Misscoolfinds says:

    Great sales update video, Thanks for sharing! 

  17. Chris McAuliffe says:

    Hey man if you ever come across the Varvartos boots scoop those up. Howard
    Stern use to talk about how awesome they are! Also the jackets he used to
    talk about all the time, John Varvartose leather!

  18. John Pynenberg says:

    Good stuff Steve. I just got back from picking today….Found a Navy 100%
    wool peacoat. I love picking man!

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