U of Andy: Make $100 in a Week

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Do you hate real work? Do you like money? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this course is for you! Get money-making tips from Professor Andy! Enroll today at WWW.UNIVERSITYOFANDY.COM and earn your degree!

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25 Responses to “U of Andy: Make $100 in a Week”

  1. delmychow says:

    This is nuts!! I’m making 100 dollars a day off of this! /watch?v=ehuCpdsGsis

  2. JoshWinninger says:

    he is just an AMAZING actor!

  3. dog070 says:

    andy’s dog massage, “let me touch your dog” ….

  4. submitbannerusacom says:

    Great video…lots of inspiration there…thumbs up!

  5. BleuTeub says:

    Watch my music video for “How Blue” starring JUSTIN KIRK from Weeds. Just click on my “BleuTeub” channel! I’m on twitter @Bleutopia – thank you!

  6. sahadhathira456 says:

    not very nice…

  7. ashikc50 says:

    you can make $100 money  , so u try..

  8. TheAdeSings says:

    Anyone fancy some marrow?

  9. MilesPichuLover says:

    Money means nothing. But then I’m a Girl.

  10. WCGwkf says:

    Prostitute your self! your self…

  11. tapinurgirl says:

    Hello, reader. If you started reading this, don’t stop or else. I hate people who post these kind of comments but…. Post this to 16 videos in 30 minutes and promise your self to never listen to these kind of comments or make one up. But this one is real.If you don’t post this, a boy with no head or legs will show up in ur room at midnight kill you. Everyone will forget u. start posting. the timer will start as soon as you finish reading this. yes I do hate these comments

  12. ThePCPmusic says:

    haha yes my blood is o- !!! easy cash lol!

  13. twizzler14 says:

    YES HOPING HE WOULD SAY PLASMA AND BLOOD! Gonan have to do that soon.

  14. AlcoholicSemenStain says:

    You make my dick itch.

  15. Arrorn123 says:

    @angelon111 seek help

  16. angelon111 says:

    let me touch your dog!

  17. JuzDoinMiThang says:

    @jayblob716 thats a great idea im a jump the muffin man & sell him back his shit!

  18. maxDSferris says:

    prostitute yourself to yourself

  19. nelyat13 says:

    @jewishkid009 haha true that. One love man, keep tokin

  20. jewishkid009 says:


    Haha good point.

    P.S. I wasnt serious

    One love

  21. nelyat13 says:

    @jewishkid009 haha maybe where you live buddy.

  22. jewishkid009 says:

    of mids!

  23. jayblob716 says:

    You can’t sell muffins to the muffin man. Unless you steal all his muffins and then sell them back to him for more than he sells them for.

  24. elliottjamessaul says:

    @nelyat13 thats what interested me into this video

  25. tainaVangrsrp says:

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