The Christmas Story

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‘The Christmas Story’ (2010), as told by the children of St Paul’s Church, Auckland, New Zealand. Anyone is welcome to show this film publicly, but not change it in any way, nor make money out of it. Except for Joe. You can buy his music here: les-enfants.bandcamp.com We also welcome you to view the prequel (2011) Good News of Great Joy www.youtube.com

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25 Responses to “The Christmas Story”

  1. LalaSawada says:

    This is THE sweetest thing ever. I and my two kids are still watching it in January! The filming, editing and music is spot-on. It makes me teary every time… I’m going to have to get the music.
    I’m not Christian (or any religion), but if I were, I’d be thrilled to bits with this gorgeous version of the Christmas story. Stunning.

  2. Caroolaa10 says:

    Aaaw!!♥♥ :3 So cuute!♥

  3. RockerLittleE says:

    Too Cute. I can’t believe I never saw this before now. Nicely done!

  4. stpaulsartsandmedia says:

    Hi @Pinksammy05 My kids and I go to St Paul’s Church in Auckland, New Zealand.

  5. stpaulsartsandmedia says:

    Thanks @Elheru42 This was shot on a Canon 5D Mark ii with 50mm 1.4f Zeiss lens and 85mm 1.2f Canon and a 24-70mm Canon.

  6. Pinksammy05 says:

    @stpaulsartsandmedia hey i know you james ilove st.Paul School Do You ????

  7. Elheru42 says:

    That is a nice video camera. It has probably been asked somewhere before, and you have probably answered many times, but what sort of camera did you use? Very nicely filmed.

  8. Kdanren says:

    Great, what’s the best… That it is based on true Story
    Greetings from Krakow in Poland

  9. lord171 says:

    Aye fair enough.. I feel humbled! Thank you, I watched this with pride in my heart!
    In Him

  10. o0Keyra0o says:

    Very lovely, thanks for publishing it! 🙂

  11. miksjj says:

    so lovley vido

  12. Fridredrick says:

    Best vid ever

  13. piano1236 says:

    As told by children. This probably the way they preserve it.

  14. vincent19561 says:

    Joseph pushing the donkey and Mary falling off the donkey – the most hilarious part!

  15. 2darbit says:

    Adorable and delightful! Thanks to Inna for sharing.

  16. stpaulsartsandmedia says:

    @Pinksammy05 Hi shamiso tambudze. My name is James.

  17. cressys says:

    Sheep is best! 😀

  18. Pinksammy05 says:

    i go to st.paul school my name is shamiso tambudze

  19. LoveCinderellaStory says:

    omygush this is soooo cute 🙂

  20. MaggieCSDPT says:

    and there was a party!xD
    love that part!lol!
    really cute and good the vidio! the story is very good and the children were so cuteeee!!!

  21. stpaulsartsandmedia says:

    @SentinelAdams Joe’s planning on doing some new, completely different stuff later this year.

  22. SentinelAdams says:

    @stpaulsartsandmedia I didn’t realize it was made specifically for the film; it’s really good! Any chance he’s planning on putting out more music? ‘Celeste’ has become one of my favorite songs, and it’s hard to find music of that style that’s also written to glorify God.
    I also hadn’t watched Good News of Great Joy ’till after your reply; the creativity at St. Paul’s is inspiring. Blessings from the USA!

  23. rodjfunk says:

    good video!! greetings from Chile

  24. hxray1111 says:

    Ganz suess !

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