The Beatles – Help lyrics

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The Beatles – Help with lyrics Link to their itunes ­čśÇ

Your Friends Need This

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  1. TheYoukinator says:

    @LindomsBestastic they see´╗┐ me trollin’…

  2. Nancy99999 says:

    @NLTRICKSTERS This isn’t a fanboard, you imbecile.´╗┐


    @Nancy99999 Don’t diss´╗┐ Lennon…he’s a classic, and has a unique voice…insolent scum.

  4. 420timetopretend says:

    @UpwardsFallings their best song or atleast my favorite by´╗┐ them

  5. moneyman24641 says:

    i went to HH Greg to´╗┐ get Help

  6. LindomsBestastic says:

    know why you all died? All Stars Celebrity? Ha I know it a little around the research interviews with newspapers, etc. John´╗┐ Lennon once said, yes, I’m more famous than Jesus. hm … Jesus was not killed. Emy Winehouse said the same thing said it ONLY in a car, a man with a megaphone Emy Winehouse as he said it should say so. In 2009, we remember Michael Jackson. Why did he do at every concert this cross? He wanted to be worshiped and went to God and as punishment had to all DIE! done right!

  7. Nancy99999 says:

    @mollythecreator Well I didn’t know who was singing this – Paul was in my mind too. Sure, Lennon is an exceptional songwriter, instrumentalist and even peace activist but I just don’t like his voice. Paul is a little better but still.

    Popularity doesn’t equal talent´╗┐ anyway. Look at Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, Flo Rida and other pop hacks. And no, I’m not putting Lennon down with these, it’s just that he is a so-so singer and he can be a hit or miss at parts.

  8. mollythecreator says:

    @Nancy99999 “The singer”? Right, so John Lennon, then? He is indisputably one of the most celebrated songwriters and musicians of all time, and the figurehead for the biggest band of all time, and you’re´╗┐ criticizing his voice for being too nasal… Right.

  9. dbenmil says:

    This is my favourit´╗┐ Beattles song!

  10. Nancy99999 says:

    The singer has´╗┐ a very nasal voice. Like someone’s squeezing his nose.

    Good melody and instrumentals, but the voice!?

  11. TheDarrier says:

    This song is wayy better than today’s auto´╗┐ tuned crap:))

  12. Saintzer says:

    @gumchuwer dude…who cares?fuck him and his music.hate that most people spam the great song videos on youtube with comments reggarding jb…every single time”justin bieber sucks that,fucks that,bla bla bla”
    For once i would love not to hear,read about him in the comment section of a good song.Forget about him and just say you liked the song,or what memories it brings you,or how you wish you would have lived in´╗┐ the 60s70s80s..whatever.

  13. ABC17465 says:

    i’m from´╗┐ japan.
    that’s tv is very popurlar.

  14. Qjciak says:

    @UpwardsFallings imo this is´╗┐ best song ever ­čÖé

  15. momozharuma says:

    In japan, this song is used for TV song!!!

    i like this song!!!´╗┐

  16. 42ninjamasterx says:

    No they don’t also how?´╗┐

  17. gumchuwer says:

    Justin Bieber created 16 different accounts´╗┐ and disliked this v├şdeo

  18. dbenmil says:

    My´╗┐ favourit BEATTLES song ­čÖé

  19. dbenmil says:

    @thatswhats1arasaid´╗┐ – LOL ­čÖé

  20. LisaSpringfield says:

    Good´╗┐ song, but they lack good vocals. They don’t have soul in their voices.

  21. counterpegasus3033 says:

    what the´╗┐ ffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  22. din0luv3rchiK says:

    Help! I need somebody<3
    I love this song´╗┐ soo muchh

  23. saxkidatlg says:

    @thatswhats1arasaid yes 17 people´╗┐ need help and quickly

  24. missdancequeen25 says:

    I love this song so´╗┐ muche!!!!!I listen to this every other day!!!!!!!i wish we still had artist like them today!

  25. trizan123 says:

    I wish we could have artists like the beatles again. They’re the best!´╗┐

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