Skyrim: infinite gold / money glitch! How to get gold fast and easy in 2 mins!

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Subscribe for more! If the kajit is not there then remain standing there and forward time by 5 hours and repeat until she appears at the side of the roaf. A really quick and easy way…
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25 Responses to “Skyrim: infinite gold / money glitch! How to get gold fast and easy in 2 mins!”

  1. awkwardzombietv says:

    I’m sorry guys I have no idea if it has been patched or not. This video was
    made quite a while ago, when the word essentially appeared heavily in my
    vocab lol

  2. shane moynihan says:

    The chest doesn’t replenish I went to ahkiri and waited 48hrs and talked to
    her and then went to the chest and it doesn’t replenish

  3. Marco Olea says:

    Who’s the khajjit you have to talk its not there for me

  4. Tyiarra Marie says:

    Still works great on PS3 THANK YOU!!

  5. ReMiXX Box says:

    Thank you very much this is help

  6. Luffy says:

    When (only xbox) you wait click the home button it makes it faster

  7. GTA5Freak says:

    This is the best glitch ever thanks for showing it keep doing it and u
    could be the best 

  8. Vickie Johnson says:

    Have a spliff lol

  9. Arianna Pursley says:

    It worked

  10. JamesLittleNerdGaming says:

    It aint patched everyone says that most glitches in skyrim are patched
    there not it does work ive watched othe youtubers

  11. Tyson Rivers says:

    There is an Easter way to have it replenish you save the game after you get
    the gold and hit the cat lady then load the game that you just saved and go
    back to the chest 

  12. SnowyShadows Lps says:

    Thanks this helps tones :)

  13. skullhead 239 says:

    Works when your halfway through use the whirlwind shout

  14. crafty Xbox says:


  15. regi regi says:

    THIS IS AWESOME not patched thank you so much

  16. Heath Tiger says:

    If you back up your save file, then turn off your ps3 network, then delete
    the game data for skyrim. then reinstall, and it will be unpatched and
    work. Thanx miss zombie!
    all though first try i only had like 47 gold in the chest. I will try a few
    more times and see what happens.
    (edit) none the other try. will test to see if fast traveling away and back
    will make a diff,
    (edit) after going into a shop and selling stuff waiting 48 hours there is
    now 562 and new stuff in the “chest”

  17. Gottisavage says:

    It’s not

  18. freya Anthony x says:

    Its not working for me I’m using a ps3?

  19. Catherine Caylen says:

    In 48 seconds i watched my brother fail at ballet XD

  20. Official Shozo says:

    This still works people u must be doing it wrong if it’s not working 

  21. Antypas Andreas says:

    Wow, thanks. I was a bit surprised that you were not a dude though. :):)

  22. Clayton Beukes says:


  23. Talon Armstrong says:

    When you wait on xbox while you wait press the moddle button and I will go
    5 times faster

  24. II DEADLYBRIT II says:

    Do i get a blowjob every time you say essentially? ;)

  25. matzer1110 says:

    I think I love you thayou so much you are the best 

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