Skyrim How To Get Ebony Mail (Rare Armor)

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*Read* Bring a companion with you, And make sure you have pretty good Armour

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  1. MessyKiller0006 says:

    damn it! i told my dog to wait…. i gotta find him *whistles*

  2. jamstermman12 says:

    i did this myns called champions ebony mail armour it gives 50 points of poison damage if an enemy comes near

  3. MortalKnave says:

    Killing. Boring?

  4. Mrseazy141 says:

    Okay so i went there and all but no one was there what do i do??

  5. directorzwannabe says:

    @IXThaKingXI how about a dark brotherhood armor that is REMODEL to look exactly like ezio in the new assassin creed

  6. PumaRxStudios says:

    @IXThaKingXI Its the effect on the armour /enchantment

  7. TheOmenous says:

    @PumaRxStudios Thnks, I was walking around the shrine at lvl 19 wondering where the fuck is everyone???

  8. Jay115Sephton says:

    @SpeirsTheAmazingHD how have you done that thing so theyset on fire as the bow hits them?

  9. MysterixXXx says:

    this is what happend to me: i killed them all cuz they looked like bandits but one of them came to life and spoke to me

  10. White0Hawk says:

    @IXThaKingXI um well i either equip the ebony mail with the nightingale hood with the ebony glad, boots and gloves to get that ninja look or the archmage robes with the morokei mask, it glitches your face so you look like a nazgul from lotr. theres also the masque of clavicus vile which is a daedra artefact, one of a kind helmet

  11. justicemom100 says:

    ebony mail + nighingale hood and gloves = boner

  12. IXThaKingXI says:

    @White0Hawk thats awesome,im looking for some cool rare armor to equip on my level 81 that looks better than daedric…if there is anything like that u kno of please reply

  13. Sgtpenguin47 says:

    @CALIBERxREACTIONZz Hey! You are me!

  14. Sgtpenguin47 says:

    Of course. I post the comment on tablet so I can’t see top comments. And i check on PC about 10 seconds later and someone else already said that.


    **IMPORTANT** You must be at least level 30 to access this quest. If you are/were 29 like me, there will be no group of people there and you will nt receive a quest.

  16. White0Hawk says:

    @ArsenSiyunov and here i thought i was being original when i thought of that lol. i wear those with the daedric gloves and boots and use the ebony blade. such a ninja look

  17. White0Hawk says:

    @IXThaKingXI jus part of the armour effect when you crouch. you also see the smoke coming out of you and your enemies when you’re being attacked and they take damage from it, if they’re too close

  18. IXThaKingXI says:

    what was the black smoke at the end?

  19. pantherhuntR says:

    Hey can you just head over to the “hideout” and kill the guy?

  20. EricCojak2010 says:

    @ArsenSiyunov i know right. nightingale hood goes perfectly with it

  21. lopeckable159 says:

    I used the Ebony Blade to kill them all and gain their health.

  22. ForceablePlace says:

    sorry for bad typing on my other comment

  23. ForceablePlace says:

    after doing this mission i found a stray dog an then i left and found a dead khajiit next to a wagon so i used dead thrall on him then i found his horse so i used dread zombie on it then the khaiit said”you shoud be more careful with your magc” but he was a zombie and all they do is moan but when he said that a glow went around y charector and then on te screen it said “dragon soul capured” but i dident even kill one there so maby it was one of the dragons i killed but never got the soul

  24. animemanic111 says:

    cant you just go there without doing the quest . just go to the location and start mudering your way through until you get the armor

  25. DUCKSPAT says:

    Your a Beast archer!

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