sims 3- how to make easy money

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Explains how to make and kill sims to your advantage, and more!

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25 Responses to “sims 3- how to make easy money”

  1. 12081985 says:

    easiest way to earn money and way too fast, and you will get maybe 20000, it depends how many without cheating…
    place alot of Gnomes and other different gnomes, place it all in your garden around your home, it doesnt matter how many, the more you place it, the more you money you get when you sell it…let is run around your home for a week of 2 (the longer the more worth it will be) then sell it, it is close to 1.000 of each gnomes…if you place it 20 you will get 20.000 when sell them all..

  2. bsaqlain says:

    press ctrl+shift+c and type ””motherlode”’ and hit enter and u get 50,000 . easy money without killing sims ..or selling items

  3. TamaNewb says:

    This is what i did.
    Step 1: Get charisma up and Marie a rich sim in town. (go to a rich house)
    Step 2: move into there house, ( now you have control of the person you married and there family)
    Step 3: kill them all
    Step 4: sell house and move back into your original house.

    I did this 7 times im at around 3 million. 😛

  4. AlaVistaBaby says:

    @tansklf Hmm… its a game.. Plus the dead in sims 3 can be alive :S

  5. tansklf says:

    That was the worst most horrible most terrible ugly disgusting terribly rude dishonorary WORST VIDEO EVER! Why would you do that!!!! You dont realize how many people have died so that YOU are protected and safe and all you do with your time of freedom IS MAKE VIDEOS WHERE YOU KILL INNOCENT PEOPOLE!!!! JUST GO TO HELL!

  6. wedixx says:

    does this work on xbox?

  7. snarfalopogus says:

    @jailbreak500 damnit youre right …WELL SHIT I GUESS I HAVE TO REDO THE VIDEO.

  8. jailbreak500 says:

    Isn’t she supposed to live in a kitchen instead of a bathroom? O_o

  9. mycatissuperfat says:

    u know you could just type the cheat: testingcheatsenabled true. Then you go to the sims needs and shift+click and drag the hunger down and they die instantly. But did u know u cant kill pregos? Anyway thats bacically wat u did just faster.

  10. gameflow1000 says:


  11. IMSpode says:

    how many days does it take for them to die

  12. Masterscotts1 says:

    Or just use the karma power to make them all die faster? ;D

  13. MrGeekStreet says:

    or type testingcheatsenabled true in the cheat console. shift + click a sim and click trigger age transition. keep doing that until they die.

  14. 2k9bobo says:

    hey can anybody tell me how you great another sin again I forgot plz comment back

  15. agrox644 says:

    @snarfalopogus Yay i got my game!

  16. gabeHTMN says:

    @snarfalopogus i made my own sim yesterday and moved him into a giant house and killed the owners with a barbecue grill and my sim was having the time of his life there were 3 people dyeing in the backyard

  17. aFrostedCupcake says:

    @snarfalopogus OMG! You are so freaking hilarious. Make more vids XD

  18. MsHoneybee43 says:

    Why don’t you just use the motherlode cheat? Oh and the spouse abuse is very bad why would you do that……

  19. agrox644 says:

    @snarfalopogus Oh Ok thx!

  20. snarfalopogus says:

    @agrox644 all of the money goes to one place, not each sim.

  21. agrox644 says:

    um ??????? but every sim you make sorry if you dont uderstand my questions i am getting it soon and i need help so as i was saying but every sim you make keeps the money but you need to sennnnnnnnd the money cause each of the money goes to the sim thst you make what if you want it to go to one person can you send it or somthing????

  22. HolysinsX says:


  23. lfclikewalfc says:

    how come he gets 15000 my sims died on console naturally and i didnt get 15000

  24. snarfalopogus says:

    @zombieman1300 no, every sim you MAKE is worth 15000, as i stated before, killing them is just recreational.

  25. zombieman1300 says:


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