PayDay 2- 3 Tips To Win More & Make More Money

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (15)

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15 Responses to “PayDay 2- 3 Tips To Win More & Make More Money”

  1. Kharn526 says:

    Your voice is so loud that I can barely stand watching it sorry man, good
    tips though from what I can tell.

  2. Jess Britt says:

    Just standing by the van is greedy in itself.

  3. morv1891 says:

    lol he’s playing on consoles

  4. trevor pontius says:

    Heh, sounded like you said 3 big tits…

  5. PsychoWolf20 says:

    PayDay 2- 3 Tips To Win More & Make More Money

  6. cody McQuoid says:

    the distraction is really good. since i am a enforcer with oppressor and
    bullet storm aced and the crew i run with usually wait tell the end of
    assault waves to move loot i just drop a ammo bag in frount of me and then
    i lay down some supressive fire in the direction of the cops with my
    pump action shotgun which makes the cops piss there pants and hide

  7. Bald Soprano says:

    I lasted 4.5 minutes. Loooong and drawn out

  8. Scott Davis says:

    Played with someone greedy and all of use did on bank heist because he was
    trying to open a lot of those safes

  9. cheekzrhot says:

    Just got payday because of you it’s not as fun as it looks or sounds but
    can you release more PAYDAY 2 please ?

  10. Marco Garcia says:

    I couldnt find a copy every gamestop i went to was sold out so i had to get
    it shipped to me but i have to wait a week but then school comes and im
    like fuuuck . ._.

  11. Scott Davis says:

    *died* forgot to put that after use

  12. Bailey Campbell says:

    Ya maybe you could do it with crazygamerchik I don’t know if I spelled that

  13. dragonmunday06 says:

    Hi marco

  14. DB800187 says:

    “but goddammit they dont help you do shit other than that.” Haha, so true.

  15. cheekzrhot says:

    And what rank are you

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