Money And Man

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Money And Man

Money And Man Today’s world is full of chaos,disturbances and dis-harmony because of money.
Man,s mad onrush for it is making him restless and he is feeling helpless having a neurosis.
He is running after it like a mad monkey and in the process destroying his good qualities.
He is becoming a social inadequate and suffering innumerable troubles and always agitated. The attachment for money has taken his peace of mind and he is unable to work properly.
The anxiety neurosis has grasped his entire body and mind with it’s tentacles.
He is though free in the kingdom of God ,but leading a slavery life and feeling always frustration.
He thinks that money is everything and ends his life only running after it. Money can not give him a good night’s sleep,though it can give him a good bed.
It can give him lot of flattering friends,but it can not give him a good companion.
He is afraid of the world, if he has no money and thus the pity begins to give him troubles.
He feels inferior in the society and so many maddening thoughts destroy his personality. Money is not power,but goodness and holiness-time and again it has been told.
Still man, without money thinks that he is nobody in this world and destroy his sanity.
There fore lot of corruptions,frauds and antisocial activities are taking place.
Let money does not rule the mind,rather mind rules over the money and let man learn the art of money making. Money does not make a man,it is the man,who always makes the money.
By not attaching mind to money,but striving for it in a detached manner is the secret.
Trying for money in a detached manner without any mad pursuits brings astounding results.
Becoming a slave to money corrupts the mind and the society and man is looked upon with an evil eye. Just imagine you have lots of money and your bank balance is excellent and then strive for it.
You will have it ,if not today,but tomorrow,remember Rome was not built in a day.
Universe will answer to our call and we will have more money with our constant efforts .
In a most legal and unselfish way we will become wealthy one day full filling all our dreams.


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