How to Make Money Starting with $0 in your Pocket in Six Steps!

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How to Make Money Starting with in your Pocket in Six Steps! WE DO NOT GIVE advice or recommend anything we do in our videos =)

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25 Responses to “How to Make Money Starting with $0 in your Pocket in Six Steps!”

  1. KennyChumsky says:

    @DoomDrag Kenny says he fell and hit it wrong on the ground. Good observation! I was wondering when someone was going to ask us about that!

  2. DoomDrag says:

    what happen to his arm?

  3. KennyChumsky says:

    @Jimmycano01 Pretty much how Ebay works, is they charge you so many cents to list an item on Ebay. If you list your item for under $1.00 it will be free to list if you do not have a store. From there if people want it they will bid on an item and hopefully you get two people who are willing to pay a good price for it. Once it sells Ebay and Paypal take anywhere from 10 to 15% of winning. Paypal sometimes does not allow you to spend your funds until so many days or positive feedback is left.

  4. Jimmycano01 says:

    Thank you again for your videos. Can you please help me with some info on how ebay works, thanks

  5. Jimmycano01 says:

    Thank you again for the videos. Can you please help me with some info and how ebay works? Thanks.

  6. KennyChumsky says:

    @chaseme81871 I will message you.

  7. chaseme81871 says:

    great video,what is your seller name? on ebay.

  8. thisisunreal1 says:

    I don’t have many vids on my channel…yet but, I have some goofy stuff, stereo stuff, my 58 Plymouth that I will start restoring next year & just put up my first picking vid. I’m gonna keep it all on one channel, just for the variety & my subs can just pick & choose what they wish to watch. Cheers!

    BTW, nice score on the trombone!

  9. scrappyjoe12 says:

    @KennyChumsky well which ever videos you put up ill be watching 🙂

  10. KennyChumsky says:

    @scrappyjoe12 Yes! Actually I’m torn I have some subscribers wanting more Ebay videos and some with more scrapping. I think I’m going to attempt to get both an Ebay video and scrapping video up at a time. If not that, maybe I will open a new channel just for Ebay. Either way, keep on the look out for more quality videos and updates. We are almost to 400 subscribers which we will have another bonus video where you can win something!

  11. sisbe says:

    making the best out of this economy…LOVE IT…no keeping you kids “down” and you truly live in the “treasure coast” :0)

  12. scrappyjoe12 says:

    hey nice 1 on the trumpets but want to see more picking vids if posible thanks 🙂

  13. Begbucks says:

    @ChickenParmHero I reside with mother as a matter of choice ~not necessity. If “Big Chicken” as they are referred to displayed the same eagerness to watch my videos, mainly my 80 part eBay venture documentary; it would be evident that I “did work” & had “owned most of it” & still do items that many who criticize merely get to play with at work (tisk tisk) though I now have an emphasis on networking V.S. an ever increasing coffer containing gobs of stuff. Whether I make 150 grand or 6k it’s fine

  14. Begbucks says:

    @KennyChumsky What I meant to say I didn’t see this video in my subscriber page likely some yt glitch.

  15. punky53 says:

    Also what’s your eBay name I’m interested in seeing what kinds of stuff you sell as I do the same you can message me it if you like

  16. KennyChumsky says:

    @ChickenParmHero I’m so sorry to read about your cancer…. but why try to go out of your way to bash someone online? 

  17. ChickenParmHero says:

    @KennyChumsky Just so you know, begbucks lives at home at age 36 and has no bills to pay. How can one person retire when they’ve never actually worked or owned anything?

  18. KennyChumsky says:

    @Begbucks Awesome… but you lost me on your btw…. sub module out of commission?

  19. Begbucks says:

    Told you guys you would make out ok with the trombone & yes the suckers that cash this stuff in is beyond me! You nailed it rite on! You can also buy direct from fellow scrappers to save them a trip to the yard or on a closed days after hrs. etc., (That’s what did – very lucrative) make a list like on the Show American Pickers & pass out, add a scrolling message board in your truck, outboards etc.,

    I did this full time for 2.5 years, I’m 36 & nearly retired!

    btw sub module out of commission.

  20. punky53 says:

    May as well use this channel 🙂

  21. KennyChumsky says:

    @clubcar98 Thanks! I think I will do that…. =)

  22. clubcar98 says:

    @KennyChumsky I think you should do it here, and have the ultimate variety channel for those who are into eBay, or Scrapping, etc.

  23. KennyChumsky says:

    @clubcar98 Thank you!!! Yeah we love those home runs….

  24. KennyChumsky says:

    @punky53 That is great! I personally sell a variety of items on Ebay. Usually if it is a harder to ship item I do not list it unless I can make at least $15 dollars on it. I do also sell smaller items like jewelry in which I do not care if I make a dollar, because it is sooo easy to ship. I have been thinking about doing more vids on Ebay, but wasn’t sure if I should use this channel or open a channel dedicated to Ebay… What do you think?

  25. punky53 says:

    I like the eBay stuff I’d like to see more of how you do it and such awesome I sold a ring I found on eBay today for 30 bucks not bad I guess

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