HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON YOUTUBE: Setting Up Monetization

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In this video i will walk you through the process to setup your youtube account for monetization by linking your youtube account with your adsense account. How monetization works: It is…

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25 Responses to “HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON YOUTUBE: Setting Up Monetization”

  1. Harrison Martinson says:

    Could you make an update?

  2. Shadow47 PlaysMC says:

    does Monetization have to send you a Email saying whether or not they want
    you to use the ads please help me on my qusetion and do you need to have
    YouTube Partnership PLEASE HELP

  3. shah ahmad Shaikh says:

    how the money will be transfered and where it will get added in bank or by
    check or by what pls tell me about 

  4. mh ilham says:

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  5. razni mohamed says:


  6. Kevin Peterson says:

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  7. Satish jindal says:

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  8. Infinity / raso989 says:

    I thinks just few countrys can monetize , one of theme are USA, UK, France
    , Germany , there is more but i cant remember which one. But its not much
    of them. 🙂

  9. chase1146 says:

    fuck i dont have the invite

  10. salauddin bhuiyan says:

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  11. kenneth m says:

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  12. Kevin Thorkildsen says:

    It says You currently have the following AdSense account associated: and
    then some weird account i never made and I can only use an existing Adsense
    account, but I don’t have one. PLEASE HELP

  13. srijan duwal says:

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  14. Skitsn Giggs says:

    how do i check my adsense account?

  15. Mick Raiden says:

    i could only earn money if only people click on my video ads..? or else i
    earn through direct views??

  16. SlapstikCoyote says:

    so does the check come in the mail or straight to the bank account?

  17. kenneth m says:

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  18. ilikefishs says:

    how do u get pay i don’t see the paying and the street info??

  19. Dustinl796 Videos says:

    please help i dont have those option’s and also when i click monetize it
    says ‘Some of the videos you selected are not eligible for monetization.
    Please deselect videos that do not have the $ icon and try again’ but there
    is no $ icon

  20. Derek Lonsan says:

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  23. WweInfoUploader says:

    dude my video is being monitized and ive got loads of views (890,000+) and
    still no money.. help

  24. Jagruk Nagrik Suraksha Sangathan (JNSS) says:

    Thanks friend! It was helpful indeed.

  25. smirk fiski says:

    Is it just a one off pay cheque though? People have been generating money
    on the internet for all of this year after downloading Household Wage
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