How to make money on the AH Jc and enchanting, World Of Warcraft

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How to come gold using the AH with jewelcrafting and enchanting. Marcos i use. To spam in trade chat /2 ***WTB*** Saronite Ore 20g Stack, COD or /w /2 ***WTB*** Eternal Earth 11g Each, COD or /w Marco to prospect ore without having to click your prospect button then press the ore. #show Saronite ore /cast Prospecting /use Saronite Ore Macro to disencant, just put it as ur number 1 button and put ur auto loot on. /cast Disenchant /use Sun Rock Ring /use Crystal Chalcedony Amulet /use Crystal Citrine Necklace /use Bloodstone Band The items i make out of the Green crap gems that i disenchant at the end are. Bloodstone Band Sun Rock Ring Crystal Chalcedony Amulet Crystal Citrine Neckless

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  1. Ilieknoodles says:

    move your mic away from mouth a bit but good´╗┐ video ­čÖé

  2. tryhardcallum says:


  3. R0cknroll4ever says:

    @jadeziggygirl uncut is´╗┐ nasty

  4. pufifa says:

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  5. SuperWarfighter says:

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    go play teewars…

  6. nerdmandude says:

    can u talk´╗┐ loader plz

  7. iljushka1 says:

    @Whaaaazaah i know many girls´╗┐ what play on my server, and know the irl too

  8. specialk2201 says:

    what´╗┐ relem is that is it in euope one

  9. Kiisu101 says:

    ty for´╗┐ the macro! Very very nice help.

  10. yenomeerf says:

    unable to´╗┐ continue viewing this. the Mic banging against your mouth and teeth are annoying.

  11. Michaelmerolaa says:

    OMG gotta love ur accent so awesome. “Im a jewlcraftah”´╗┐

  12. someonefromthisworld says:

    saronite sells for less then 20g on´╗┐ my server mayb because many people are grinding or we have a lot of hackers that hack the veins

  13. AppleAssassin says:

    @How2Q Im not mad atall´╗┐ “Bro” ­čÖé

  14. FinestHp says:

    Can you actually say the whole word rather than making abbreviations that you would only use IN GAME. Such as: Char, and AH. My god it pisses´╗┐ me off.

  15. AppleAssassin says:

    @How2Q Yeah but theres´╗┐ one flaw in what you just said….I DO Have a girlfriend lol

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  16. LittleBigPoet says:

    ok i didn’t understand a shit of what´╗┐ u just did but ok

  17. WoWitsGeorgii says:

    i use allll my money buying lv10-20 greens and i DE them, and i only sell the strange dust, i end up getting about 20 stacks of strange dust, and on my server trange dust is worth 30-50g a´╗┐ stack. im a lv33 pally on Maiev with 2k gold ­čÖé

  18. ohshitmanda says:

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  19. estagonandfire says:

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  20. estagonandfire says:

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  21. MrAstrobunny says:

    btw what do you do with your´╗┐ green jades and shadow crystals?

  22. PipeGamer says:

    @hbolle00 its´╗┐ an accent dick

  23. ToddWalkerx says:

    f r e e w o w g a m e t i m ecom´╗┐ free game cards

  24. AppleAssassin says:

    Why the fuck are you speaking in abreviations?
    its not saving time saying that just say the words you´╗┐ dumb bitch…Shouldnt you be in the kitchen anyway you dumb whore?

  25. MrDannygw says:

    Don’t have the shitest clue wots she’s on about I STARED a week ago so I’m not that good´╗┐ with all this money stuff

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