How to Make Money Getting Your Songs in Movies and TV Shows

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Michael Laskow, CEO of A&R company TAXI shares his knowledge about what it takes to be successful as a musician in today’s world.

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25 Responses to “How to Make Money Getting Your Songs in Movies and TV Shows”

  1. Whatever3098 says:

    Redfoo from LMFAO was in his thirties when he and his group was signed

  2. Fdeshaun1 says:

    I dont agree about the age thing. look at nicki minaj and lady gaga they were both over 21 when they hit it big.

  3. hectorandrespv says:

    Hey , im just a curious kid and I have ´built´ some tunes on my computer. I think they’re really good. I really love music, but i´m afraid of majoring in music, because of this.

  4. MrBeauGator says:

    I only have four words for those who are blind enough to fall for this. Don’t believe the hype. Whenever somebody “charges” you to listen to your music, run. Like the wind, RUN!!!

  5. jwfox33 says:

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  6. bluemoonlady1 says:

    I know that there is a stigma with most genres of music about age ,however not so much with country music. Age shouldn’t matter and to me it doesn’t..If it sounds great I will buy it and I don’t care if the singer is 130 years old.With that said I enjoyed this video very much. very informative. I write a lot of song lyrics and if ever put to music I want them to be enjoyable songs not just a 2 second commercial. Thumbs up on the video .

  7. EchoRebellion says:

    I don’t agree necessarily with the AGE aspect. If a song is good no one is going to care how old you are. Considering a lot of unsigned musicians have been writing from a young age anyway, just because they now perhaps aren’t so marketable to the younger pop generation, as much as image is important it does not mean you aren’t capable of producing a work of art and selling records!. If anything your sound matures as you get older.. So don’t let the pressure of age cloud your creativity.

  8. dante75915 says:

    I appreciate your comment, but evidence is, that the white man has poisoned Hip-Hop culture through radio and Tv. They stereo typed our image and the weak ones fallow behind them creating dumb downed music. They don’t want us in the business, and close the doors on us. But me, well, I’m too good for that. They will find out in 2011 with no peace!

  9. dante75915 says:

    @DollarBillWill Thanks for your time. I’m getting back late because of the new material I’m working on, and it’s a task since I do everything from music to mixing and mastering. The industry is racist and they do not want certain people to make it in the business. Why jump through hoops? They see what you can do. They should ask if they can use your material. But brainwashed people think they have to beg for opportunities when they simply qualify.

  10. DollarBillWill says:

    Listen man, just remain focus, keep creating, reaching out and developing relationships. White people will help you, uppity blacks will help you, but you have to continue to struggle to help yourself, to better yourself, to perfect youself! I’m 38, your young like my son, you have your entire future ahead of you! Go to music school, get a degree in music business, whatever, just continue to grow musically, and you’ll make it! Just some thoughts from ONE brotha to another! Stay positive!

  11. DollarBillWill says:

    @dante75915 you’ll be on your way to your hard earned Porsche. BET, helps blacks too! I have several friends from Cincinnati, Ohio, I know personality who’ve aired their talent and clothing lines on BET. Again, it’s all about developing relationships, and asking people what type of product or music are they looking for, and how can your music best suit their needs? Or, ask who do you know could use the music I make in a movie, script, commerical, stage show, whatever- it’s called referrals!

  12. DollarBillWill says:

    @ dante75915 And you do not have to have to be better than any major label. Forget, how many blacks are successful in Taxi, you be the first black to break down and barriers that exist in Taxi, and you be the first to be successful in Taxi. That WHITE man, Michael Laskow, is an intelligent WHITE MAN, that can teach you alot and has contacts in the industry trust me! I meet WHITE PEOPLE like him all the time! Learn how to present your ideas, your product and yourself and one day you’ll be on your

  13. DollarBillWill says:

    Hey Dant’e, my name is Ront’e! First, I just listened to your music and lyrics, your really good, keep perfecting, you’ll make it! Second, you must exit your SLAVE mentality now! WHITE people will help you if you have talent, and know how to shop and market your talent! I have alot of WHITE friends who help me in real estate! Plus, the music companies have tons of BLACKS who work in the companies. Third, all music is SCRTINIZED to fit a particular need or purpose, always; and you..

  14. dante75915 says:

    Fake! And most of yall in the industry are racist anyway! Take some pills, drive to the top of the mountain in a Porsche, drive off the cliff listening to Radio One! Don’t listen to that lier. They scrutinize your music, and you better be better than the major labels too. And how many blacks are successful with Taxi, they drive bye you like your in New York.  Hey!, can I get a cab?!? BET is fake too with their fake racist award shows! Devil signs all up their videos! Haters!

  15. xultimate92x says:

    he doesint say how he just talks about u can …

  16. lpoi7 says:

    Nice video.Hi, I have one song that im very proud of it and i put it on you tube, but i woud like to publish it or sale it somewhere but i dont know where or to whom. If any body can help me please write me or send a comment .song name (friese of life-mist) check it on you tube. thanks

  17. Slantze says:

    Cool video. Very true!

  18. RaffertyandCompany says:

    Michael has the unique ability to make us swallow bitter music industry pills, smiling all the way. Youth? Bleh. Give me these new facial lines born of the passion, sorrow and smiles of my 30s over those heinous teen years.

  19. 1979ADRYAN says:

    i want to make more than 150.000…

  20. cuddlebuttons says:

    this guy is just telling it like it is–very informative vid-GREAT LECTURE–good advice, thank you

  21. Thenewyorkrock says:

    I still consider myself youth. Im 27

  22. 007frogprincess says:

    @Thenewyorkrock ….me either, at least not for songwriters. as long as the song is great/marketable, you can sell it. they will just get youth to perform it!

  23. timestandingstill says:

    I’m a song writer, thanks for the info.

  24. Thenewyorkrock says:

    I dont agree with the age thing!!

  25. BrittPhillips says:

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