How To Make Money As A Clickbank Newbie!!

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A quick video showing proof that anyone, even a newbie internet marketer can make money online!! FB Ads Guide: For some free affiliate/internet marketing tips please visit my blog:
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25 Responses to “How To Make Money As A Clickbank Newbie!!”

  1. sitetrafficsite says:

    What I admire on this blog is how it’s not countryspecific but has mass attraction. You get to discover something different  each and every day here.

  2. Sofistok8ted says:

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  3. MRrHaCkZ says:

    @DolphinTrainer2B Products like these arn’t really any good, just experiment. I made my first blog about a month ago and I am currently 7th for one keyword and 8th for another keyword (google). my blog is for a clickbank product so the keywords are quite competitive.

  4. thestressfreelife says:

    @TheAndehPandeh yes it will definately work in the UK

  5. 3madishere says:

    Here is how gurus make money.

    Sign with Clickbank, login, click on Market Place, Select any product. Click on Promote button next to any product, Get your affiliate link.

    Go to sign as advertiser, compose ad to your affiliate link. DONE!

    Lots of Checks will start to come to you!.

    How ?

    With you pay $1 for 1000 visitors, in which you get 10 sales, each sale commission about $20 so you get $200 for each $1 you spend.

    Spend $100 you end making about $20,000

  6. TheAndehPandeh says:

    I’m from the UK, would this still work for me?

  7. TheAayanshah says:

    Hi all. I wanted to know why I have not seen daiy sales are coming and no one can tell I’m from Pakistan

  8. DolphinTrainer2B says:

    @thestressfreelife im on my 3rd day and I havn’t made anything yet and i have 10 blogs, andy suggestions? Anyone?

  9. DolphinTrainer2B says:

    @thestressfreelife yea today i posted almost 7 blogs, its my first day so i dont know how much ill make when ill see tomorrow.

  10. thestressfreelife says:

    @DolphinTrainer2B I cant say you can make 7k by next weekend, there’s no clear cut answer. There’s alot of factors, your niche, keywords, competition. Its a little more involved that just making a blog post about a site, especially if your doing seo.

  11. DolphinTrainer2B says:

    Thx SOOOO MUCH! I FINALLY Found out how to make alot of Money!!! I Want to buy my dream horse which is only $650 but I need $7,000 all together to take care of it! Do you think I will have Enough by Next weekend? Or next week? PLEEZ ANSWER! THX! 😀 And I know what to do too! I just make a blog posting the site that I promoted and such, right?

  12. thestressfreelife says:

    @sherillp I just created an ad, its pretty simple. And facebook is SUPER targeted to the demographic you want. From gender, age, activities, education level even a specific racial group. One of the best ways to do this is just type a keyword in their search field like “dog lovers” and see if any groups come up. If there are a lot of them, then you might have a potential market to sell a dog training course, or dog collars too. They have per click and per impression.

  13. sherillp says:

    how did you advertise this product on fb? FB charges per click or per view. ??? I’m interested and just paid the $4.95 for the forum, good for 2 weeks hoping I’ll learn something from the forum. Did you pay to advertise on fb?

  14. thestressfreelife says:

    @TheCrystaljenn Theres no clear cut answer because there are so many factors like……the niche you choose, the competition, are people buying that product or service…etc.

    Some people make money in a week, some people make money after 5 or 6 months.

  15. eazymoney1231 says:

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    I ve got some good info there ……you can really make around $1000. this month easy to do

  16. TheMarol84 says:

    If anyone needs help making money on the internet click my name for the free how to vids.

  17. TheCrystaljenn says:

    how long does it take to see money rolling in? as a newbie when u first put up a site?

  18. brousseaua says:

    sounds like you have to sell things…..

  19. TalkShowRedneck says:

    make money on prizerebel its legit look for video on my page

  20. MultiRicky305 says:

    want to make some real easy money from the comfort of your own home well what are u waiting for register at and start making money by simply clicking and viewing advertisements from home. please sign up under ricky305 so i can get credit for referring u thanx and have a wonderful day 🙂

  21. TheAffiliatesclub says:


  22. Extremefunworld says:

    Or you can try to sign up here: ht tp://ww w.sfi4. com/11534776/FREE (remove the spaces in the link)

    Completly free, and more trustworthy than ANY of those silly “EARN 5000$ A DAY!” scams. This has been working for over 11 years. So sign up today, and start building your way to a good income!

  23. thestressfreelife says:

    @flamurqerimi Ive got sites that sell everything from cookware, to baby strollers. Its really up to you

  24. thestressfreelife says:

    @flamurqerimi If you have your own products to sell thats good, but you dont have to. Thats the good thing about “affiliate marketing” you can just sell other people products and make money. You can sell digital downloads at clickbank like in my vid. Or you can sell physical products from places such as amazon or commission juction

  25. flamurqerimi says:

    so wee need to sell our products to make money
    can you tell me what kind of products it’s really complicated

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