How To Make $8,600 A Month On eBay By NOT Listing Items For Sale

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25 Responses to “How To Make $8,600 A Month On eBay By NOT Listing Items For Sale”

  1. christina Cover says:

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  2. sig sauer says:

    HA HA HA ( usually I don’t leave the comments but) this guy is an idiot I
    just waste 10 min. of my life watching this stupid video and I am pretty
    sure if he watch the video he’ll be so embarrassed by posting it. 

  3. Scott Lee Webb says:

    Ebay has become the most pathetic site for shopping that I have ever used
    in my eff’ing life. Going forward, I will NEVER, EVER, go to Ebay to shop
    again. Their QA has been shipped to China, and their quality of listings
    have gone down the shitter. Search for a smart phone on Ebay, and filter
    the “New, Refurbished, and Used,” and you will get every damaged phone
    available for sale. Ebay has no restrictions restricting a seller to list a
    busted up, ran over broken phone as USED, therefore, a customer will spend
    too much eff’ing time searching what appears to be a great phone at a
    reasonable price, to find in the 3rd photo that its been run over by a car,
    and the stupid seller has wasted your time listing the phone as used versus
    the “For parts” option that is there for stupid people trying to sell their
    junk, and waste your eff’ing time. It is only a matter of time before smart
    people stop scrolling through stupid peoples shit, and shops elsewhere. 

  4. Lin Feng-Jiao says:

    I use eBay to resell products that are at a lower market value in another
    country. The dividend is my profit.

  5. Halfmike666 says:

    Stopped watching after the first comment you made, you fat bald monkey.

  6. richard cockburn says:

    its wankers like you that enjoy ripping people of selling fake items coning
    people you scum bag

  7. sisbrawny says:

    I don’t understand all the negativity, scam accusations, and misinformation
    here. If these doofuses just go to eBay’s website and read about the
    affiliate program, it says right there what it’s about. I don’t know about
    making massive amounts of money with it, but it’s real. How can these
    people be so dumb?

  8. Frank Back says:

    I always heard you should never trust anyone you couldn’t look in the eye.
    Is this why you always wear sunglasses because you shouldn’t be trusted?

  9. Shivanand Gunness says:

    Leave king human alone u bitches. You can learn something from this guy

  10. John Roush says:

    I went here for more info on clickback it called click bank university.

  11. ᵔ.ᵔRias ☣ Akenoᵔ.ᵔ says:

    This dude needs mental help.

  12. JC Wilson says:

    this is garbage, how did i end up here

  13. Jeana Roebke says:

    Begin by insulting your viewers…how quaint. What incentive, beyond that
    of a monetary motivation, is there to becoming an eBay Affiliate vs. Amazon
    Affiliate. If you did more than act like a tough guy on ‘crack’, and talk
    about monkeys, perhaps I would have garnered something of value from your
    exhausting monologue. As it is, I’m none the wiser, and have wasted far to
    much time on this nonsense.

  14. Raven says:

    you got compassion to sick kids fuck off you gimp what about sick starving
    kids in africa i bet you dont give a fuck about them!!!!

  15. Ieducs Wesps says:

    Maaan i like you for real,when i have seen your first videos i said this
    guy is an idiot(sorry for that,it was in my mind anyway)i was wrong

  16. Justice Wild says:

    look at all those dislikes and the spam in comments

  17. Moe Almaw says:

    The bubbles in the screen saver (after 6:00) behind you look like fucking
    stupid thoughts flying out of your head 😀 sorry for the offence but I
    honestly could not stop myself from telling you that haha!

  18. ALEX 2n8n says:

    hey kinghuman why u always drinking something and wearing those cheap ass
    sun glasses ? lol

  19. Josh Fuzzzy says:

    you cant even see no fuzz, looks like your face is almost as smooth as a
    baby’s bum

  20. DeadBunny6597 says:

    I smell bullshit, you are spamming other sites in your chair.

  21. Ronali De Silva says:

    He is entertaining and informative. A must watch video.

  22. Anita Lansberry says:

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    http://payfunda.biz/ref-link/?share=peacecraft im watching ur videos

  23. Caleb Busskohl says:

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  24. Jay says:

    Man you’re a piece of slime ball sh@t…!!!”Go Away, don’t bother me!” Well
    F@ck you too!

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