How I Make Money Finding FREE Stuff ~ by The Frugalnista

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You requested a how I find FREE stuff video and here it is.
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25 Responses to “How I Make Money Finding FREE Stuff ~ by The Frugalnista”

  1. D Jan says:

    Wow!!! I have not been so mesmerize watching a video as I have this one.
    Thank you
    so much. I was thoroughly inspired by what you had to say. I can’t wait
    to take that first baby step. The thought of extra cash is so exciting to
    me and we have a lot in common with the places you shop at. All the stores
    you have mentioned are all my favorite places to shop. Thanks again.

  2. deanna maasbach says:

    I think you are just amazing! God is so good..I am blessed God led me to
    you last night late when I was so tired.

  3. joelle green-forbes says:

    This is amazing AND a blessing for sure! I am a recent college graduate,(at
    42) but also unemployed!! I did go to the freegan info page as you
    suggested but it says it mainly deals with New York, and I live in Michigan
    I think I might just calls the stores in advance and ask if it is ok to
    look in their garbage for “boxes” and do all you suggested, keep it clean
    I will let you know if I find anything!
    Thank you!

  4. Lindsey G says:

    Do managers get upset if the trash inside of the bin is ripped apart? 

  5. deanna maasbach says:

    you the Lord bless you.I am starting over after losing all and a widow of
    73 very young though..Thank you so mcuh I`m going out..Deanna NC

  6. GlitterGoddess says:

    I went on that website and it says its down or no longer exists 🙁 but I
    live in waco tx. You sound like your from the south too! 

  7. Kelly Morgan Colbert says:

    I’ve got some apprehension right now, and i find myself “Casing” the
    trashcans!!!! Lmao!!! …I’m trying to find the courage to do this, But i
    think the best time for me would probably be around, Dusk time. Idk?
    ..Great Vids, Luv this channel!
    ..MUST sub!!!

  8. lola2win says:

    I think some people are “too proud” which is ridiculous. I am not
    embarrassed, I’m helping myself and the landfills. Besides it’s fun. I’m
    not new to salvaging things from trash, but new to the stores. I only went
    twice and I found some great, brand new items.One thing I take with me is a
    flashlight. Addicted!! Thank you!!

  9. Traci Morgan says:

    Can anyone direct me to a site that would let me know if this is legal in
    Illinois? I’ve google searched and for some reason cannot find an answer.
    Thank you.

  10. MoringaWorkout says:

    New subbie. Veri Keri sent me!

  11. Cyn'sEmptyNest says:

    You are amazing – thank you for this video – very encouraging. Imma

  12. vicki carol says:

    You made me laugh with the sunglasses trick. Your pretty and smart. Thanks
    for the information and your honesty. courage is the first step

  13. Maria Ganal says:

    Great job you go girl

  14. catmusicgirl says:

    how do you check out if dumpster diving is against the law?

  15. HelpMamaRemote says:

    When you put on those sunglasses. LOL 

  16. cindy salas says:

    Hi Verikeri mentioned you in her last video so I had to come over and see
    what she was talking about. You made me laugh a couple times so I

  17. Andrea Blassingame says:

    thanks so much for sharing. this was really helpful. i am encouraged

  18. Sir Toulouse says:

    Can you get them in Renton ?

  19. Lillian Lee says:

    Lol, now I get the terminology choice! I agree I am the same age and I go
    alone as well so I don’t dive and risk hurting myself or getting stuck. You
    are very successful

  20. Beverly Blackwell says:

    I enjoy your videos! Frugalnista, if the dumpster is inside of a fence but
    fence is not locked, is it legal to go in dumpster?

  21. KatesPlaceDIY says:

    What time of day do you go?

  22. Marie Gnerre says:

    Thankyou, hugs

  23. Sofia Bazan says:

    I am gonna do it!!!

  24. Gerardo Villacis says:

    Where in jersey is it legal

  25. bluedazz says:

    The sun glasses are a great tip. They do help give you a bit of a wall.
    Happy hunting. Thank you for posting.

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