How Girls Make Money in GTA 5 Online [GTA V]

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YoutubableHD trolls guys in GTA 5 online! If you enjoyed the video, be sure to smack the Like button, it only takes 1.6 seconds! Director’s Channel:…
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25 Responses to “How Girls Make Money in GTA 5 Online [GTA V]”

  1. MrRabidKiwi says:

    First rule of gaming: Quit thinking with your dick

  2. AlvinzShawtyBoy :3 says:

    He’s so stupid he can just lock his car but he’s a retard for trusting a
    fucking whore great troll bro! Dumbest victim ever 

  3. yungweeknd says:


  4. 83BallroomBlitz says:

    I have not played GTA 5 online, but I am guessing that with the online
    facility of the BAWSAQ market, there must be tremendous scope to run a long
    firm and make millions off the market. There are ways to make marginal
    amounts on the LCN, but if anyone knows of any ways to do this, please let
    me know if it can be done, then send me your e-mail address, so we can
    discuss them.

  5. Creepy Prez says:

    You should have put the money in the bank and blow up his car.

  6. trainfart says:



    haaa gayyy

  8. Isaias Caudillo says:

    Nada mas mas acción

  9. Donovin Jones says:

    sexist!!!!!!!!!!!! but so funny

  10. Tracy Bruce says:

    She or he is getting cocky now 

  11. Christina T. says:

    not surprising at all. The guy is nice one minute and because “she” kills
    him he gets all hyped up by his bigot friends and turns into a sexists
    asshole with the rest of them.

  12. KISS-251 says:

    I knew she was going to kill him. That dude got served.

  13. AJ kerman says:


  14. natalo78 says:

    damn what’s that outro song, I love it!

  15. Cher'A'Mya Johnson says:

    Funny asf

  16. Lewis Elston says:

    That is how girls make money

  17. UncleSiam says:

    You should think about giving voice lessons for Trans.

  18. Ess Pink ♥ says:

    no wonder I always get killed on GTA for no reason :(

  19. Demarcus Smith says:


  20. Silver Krusel says:

    His girl voice sound more feminine than mine and I am a girl

  21. BazarRazarGaming says:

    LOL What program did you use?

  22. zach says:

    Meh, woman are like this anyway. They take your money and your car. 

  23. ANGELZZZ 420 says:

    robbing store is not a good way to make money… you can be a billionaire
    in just couple of hours if you play on your Xbox ( not for ps3 ) just go
    for cheats… i have 14987097197B and i get it in less than 4 hours 

  24. Renamed ForShame says:

    What a batch of douchebags. 

  25. Katty Pew says:

    This is great >XD

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