GTA 5: Make FAST Money – Assassination Mission Guide – Stock Market Tutorial (GTA V)

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25 Responses to “GTA 5: Make FAST Money – Assassination Mission Guide – Stock Market Tutorial (GTA V)”

  1. Rob Evans says:

    “Does it work? Does it work? Does it work?”… JUST FUCKING DO IT!!! Jesus,
    lazy fucktards asking stupid questions… It aint fucking rocket science! 

  2. Edgaras Barysas says:

    i have already complete this missions. does this trick work when i replay
    these missions?

  3. Tony Ibarra says:

    Its not a glitch bum fuck thay wamt u to do it

  4. XxsilentxX says:

    GUYS it’s not a motherfucking glitch it’s just a way you can EARN money not
    GLITCH stop asking if it works or not

  5. dannyboy1205 says:

    Will this work on the ps4.!!!!????

  6. Bonn EmDoF says:

    it is 6 hours real life or in game time?

  7. imasa rijk says:

    can you people help.me out to make some good videos? 

  8. Mark Saxton says:

    After doing all the Lester missions, after the final highest all 3
    characters had just over $1,440,444,000 i could not believe it he,he,he 🙂
    more money than you can spend 10 times over lol it dose take a bit of work,
    but all i did was followed tips of all Lester missions on youtube,,, Its a
    shame i cant transfer the money to my online characters lol :)

  9. wasif raid says:


  10. halomerc5423 says:

    so………on mine their stock was going up and had been going up for a
    while….what do i do

  11. Myntz says:

    81% return percentage? What is all this fuzz all about? Without using any
    assassination missions I’m currently with a stock of over 2000%

  12. Mark Saxton says:

    just dun it iv gone from $ 21 million + to $39+ million 🙂 buzzin 

  13. Sanket Badgujar says:

    Does it work if I do this in replay mission?

  14. Christoj 4 says:

    I’m just making sure.. So I put all the money from all 3 characters into
    DEB stock and then I do assassination 2 and once I’ve completed
    assassination 2 I should earn a lot of profit. Then once I put all my money
    from all 3 characters into redwood, I then complete assassination 3 and
    then sell right? But if I don’t sell will I make more profit or will it
    eventually drop? 

  15. stitchfan08 says:

    it won’t let me go to the bawsaq stocks for the 3nd mission

  16. Taylor Lamb says:


  17. jgellerbee says:

    Thanks man! This is the best “to the point” tutorial! 

  18. Quin Williams says:

    Is it patched yet?

  19. wasif raid says:


  20. UnquantifiableQuest says:

    1:58 hahahahah, loved the make sure he’s dead part…

  21. Jyneath says:

    Thanks, dude!

  22. Skars Dash says:

    what are the name of the the first mission?

  23. HenryS Steam says:

    Besides the tip in the video shown after Debonaire’s stock goes up buy
    Redwood’s stock as it will plumet into hell, after that check back “daily”
    and you will notice Redwood’s stock will increase to 300%

  24. Dwight K. Shrute says:

    Its best if you do these at the end of the game, and not spend anything.
    But the necessities. 

  25. Prakash BC says:

    Have you seen Candid Cash Code? (Go google it) It is a revolutionary way
    for you to get much more income fast.

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