GTA 5 Conspiracy: Rockstar Is Purposely Delaying Heists to Make More Money (GTA V Discussion)

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25 Responses to “GTA 5 Conspiracy: Rockstar Is Purposely Delaying Heists to Make More Money (GTA V Discussion)”

  1. stampylonghead says:

    Now there going to make it Next Gen / PC only. To make more money.

  2. grandpaJoeWCG says:

    But hey, lucky for the fucking PC gamers out there, you’ll get to add mods
    and shit to online. At least you can hack trillions of dollars for
    yourself! Be free, PC gamers! Have fun! while us current gen gamers sit
    here…buying shark cards…and dying in GTA.

  3. theGTAking101 says:

    Rockstar wants money. That’s all they ever care about.

  4. T-Bone says:

    This is seriously the truth I think. I can’t think of another possibility!
    I always thought that they were busy deciding how much the payout would be
    as well as patching money glitches! But this makes more sense. But luckily
    heists is actually going to come out around Christmas time this year. Thank
    god! I have GTA for PS4 and I’m level 51 and I have 880k $ but I bought the
    Withe Shark Card and I used it to buy a Zentorno and an Eclipse Tower
    Apartment 😀 But recently I was grinding like mad!!! Fri: 260k by playing
    Coveted x16 😀 But it takes 3h and it is soooo boring!

  5. bennydman666 says:

    I have never, and will never buy shark cards. Fuck R*. I really don’t play
    gta all that much but for the little time I do have to play I try to enjoy
    it. R* making it really hard to get money is annoying because it really
    takes a lot of time to get a decent amount of money. It is just a game it
    is to be enjoyed it should not feel like I need to work to make money I do
    enough of that in real life without having to work during my down time. 

  6. vidiot says:

    Obviosuly they are delaying (or should I say putting off) heists just to
    make more money from shark cards. Why? This is easily seen in their nerfing
    of the popular missions with big payouts and that are quick and easy to
    finish. Why would they “fix” something that isn’t broken? Or they also
    could’ve buffed the crappier missions no one plays if their priority was
    for us to have fun. Verdict: Rockstar is a becoming EA.

  7. ArcticDuck says:

    Wait a second, people still play this?

  8. Shad0wBlade says:

    the truth has been revealed!! all hail GTCHY1230!!!

  9. Esteban Reyes says:

    Rockstar = Company
    Company = Money Whores
    So Rockstar = Money Whores

  10. paul gib says:

    Only idiots buy shark cards 

  11. OfficialDJCreep says:

    Every update we got were free, tell me how are they money greedy? Most
    companies wouldnt do that. 

  12. MatzoBallMan says:

    Rockstar already made 3.5 billion dollars just on GTA 5 (not including
    other games) and they still want more? O_o

  13. Sinky says:

    I’ve bought a couple of shark cards. I look at it like I’m investing in
    Rockstar and showing them that I appreciate the work they are investing in
    gta online.

  14. Falcon Height says:

    Perhaps rockstar is making as many heists a possible because maybe your can
    only play each heist once. Otherwise you will be exploiting the game.

  15. Michael De Santa says:

    Both ways, this is bad for rockstar No heists= money glitches heists= no
    more shark cards

  16. J Rod says:

    I agree there fucking money whores

  17. mahboi139 says:

    Remember the Beach Bum Pack?
    All the vehicles were free, the gun was free, the bottle was free, the
    hairstyles were free, the clothes were not only free, but they also were
    automatically added to your wardrobe. You didn’t need to buy the clothing.
    For the Valentine’s Day Massacre, the car was $750,000, the gun was
    $15,000, the clothes were expensive, the masks were a lot of money all
    together, and the DLC was limited editions, so if you didn’t buy all the
    items, they were gone forever unless they come back in February 2015. The
    Business Update had a plane that was $950,000, a super car for $500,000,
    two sports cars that I can’t remember the prices for, a ton of new,
    overpriced clothes, and two guns. The Carbine was game-breaking because
    anyone could get it even if they were only level 3, fresh out of the
    tutorial and with barely any money. The High Life DLC was a huge taunt by
    Rockstar. A gun, a car super car that was $725,000, an SUV that was
    $210,000, a bike that was $75,000, a sports car for $420,00, house with new
    interiors that costed up to $500,000 that were wastes of money because they
    still had only 10-car garages, and new clothes that sucked away all your
    money. Once again a game-breaking gun that anyone could get. Don’t give me
    the excuse “Oh Rockstar gave us two days of double money.” because that
    money disappeared quickly and Rockstar gave Rooftop Rumble a difficulty
    buff for the DLC. The recent Hipster DLC had seven cars, a cool knife, a
    new pistol, many overpriced clothes, and a Coveted Difficulty buff that
    ruined the mission. Let’s add to that: The Beach Bum pack items cost money
    now for new players. The Bifta is now $95,000 for new players! Why would
    Rockstar make things cost money that were free at release? They want us to
    buy their Shark Cards. Rockstar needs to take a hint and understand that we
    don’t want to spend real life money on virtual money. Even if the Shark
    Cards were $1 for $1,250,000, it would still be looked at as a pay-to-win
    scenario. Rockstar needs to understand that Micro-transactions ruin a game
    because you have players who are poor because they want to play the game,
    but we also have players who cheat to win, and Rockstar allows them just
    because they’re paying them money. It’s cheating no matter how you look at
    it. Don’t tell me “Oh they still need to level up.” because cars, DLC items
    including guns, and houses can be bought at any level. Alright I’m done

  18. Super Sayan says:

    I think they will delay heists until next gen to use it as a selling point
    then release heists on past gen 2 weeks after next gen releases gta 5

  19. super84921 says:

    The funny thing is i found this out a long time ago that rockstar was money
    whores and so there delaying heists..

  20. QuantomX says:

    Heist are coming next Tuesday 

  21. ihswap says:

    The gta online community deserves the heist delay. Rockstar is probably
    doing this as punishment for hacking money into the game. We should be glad
    they at least give us free DLC even after the hack crisis. 

  22. karol ochal says:

    Your a genius 

  23. kennedy lysons says:


  24. VertexGamingHD says:

    911 Was fake. How would a tiny plane blow up a building.

  25. Collin Mac says:

    R is testing the waters with what they can get away with. If they can lie
    about the release of heists and people still play the game they have
    nothing to lose. If you want heists boycott gta. When they see the game is
    dead they will be forced to listen.

    If you still play gtao and complain about heists, you’re the reason they
    arent released

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