FTP Money Making – No Skills Needed! Runescape

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Make Money in non members on a Lvl 3+ No skills needed. watch to see up to date money makers, and an entertaining video. All music used in my videos is purch…
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25 Responses to “FTP Money Making – No Skills Needed! Runescape”

  1. rob76o1 says:

    probably made ur money by merchenting after she had enough from doing this

  2. rangexlolos says:

    nice vid

  3. devlkiller0 says:

    Jagex ruined the stores by makeing “Personnel Shops”

  4. phantasystaraddict says:

    where is the stronghold that isnt in barb village ??? please answer back

  5. sonypspgames says:

    ya and their is another person selling capes near edgevillage bank.

  6. Zach Hill says:

    thanks for the guide next time make something someone would want to buy

  7. koetsuharrylol says:

    You drop traded the 55mil though didn’t you lol. Yeah these are ok methods
    but it would take a lifetime to do. Also no offence but your stunnin’, you
    really shouldn’t be wasting time on this game. There are so many things to
    do in the real world. I played for 2 years, I quit and now looking back on
    it RS does get obsessive and it can ruin lives.

  8. WhatsAHaro says:

    Anti shields r good, but since its w/o skills mining would be out but you
    can also buy the clay and make it into soft clay

  9. h3avenlyice says:

    the berries dont work anymore another one of jagex’s crap updates.. shops
    run out of stock now. meh XD

  10. bluvsgod says:

    bob marley heck yeah love dat song

  11. smasheryoshi says:

    if u guys are saying blk (g) sucks look at her bank she has 55m and she has
    it on the vid 2 prove it

  12. 1demon2dark3 says:

    maybe cuz shes 10 def? think about it…

  13. Soroush Torkian says:

    Ok shops dont have inifinite supplies like that anymore

  14. Cj Walker says:

    dude genies book of knowledge forget bout em? and she has more then jsut
    cape thing in here lol

  15. Conrad Shay says:

    dude i cant beleive they got rid of gnome copters -.-

  16. Jeroen Groeneveld says:

    yeh but there where no skill lvls and u need to skill or kill for a random

  17. b5ulakers says:

    how did u decant those i dont get it?

  18. BadeAndenB says:

    hop world

  19. CROhomer says:

    “Diary Of Jane”

  20. MrCoolhunk123 says:

    can i noe which software u use to edit ur videos ?

  21. Harneil Atrish says:

    this is a fantastic video

  22. ChrisFurlander says:

    Oh I see, you need empty vials. But the gnome copter area is different now
    and doesn’t have a bank deposit thing.

  23. Nick Heath says:

    ur funny lol

  24. Jeroen Groeneveld says:

    cuz with friends it make it more fun

  25. angelvolty1 says:

    u are hot =0 nice vid btw ^^

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