euro truck 2 simulator best way of making money

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In this video i will explain you how to choose your skills in order to make a very good profit. Enjoy ! http://www.sendspace.com/file/k6dkra To install it yo…
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25 Responses to “euro truck 2 simulator best way of making money”

  1. benard allotey says:

    I’ll give you a sub just because i like helping Youtubers get started 

  2. olsen4real says:

    are you from trønderlag?

  3. Alin Laurentiu Olariu says:

    wow! esti roman 😀 mi-am dat seama dupa numele firmei, care e …cu
    covrigi, primu cuvant nu il inteleg, dar si accentul te da de gol putin ;)

  4. Tomas Tham says:

    where is mercedes?

  5. inter1455 says:

    dude thats not easy way to earn quick money

  6. James Harris says:

    which county is the Volvo truck dealer in thanks I think it is a great
    truck but I don’t know where it is hahaha? 

  7. Carco tasu says:

    kinda sloppy engleza ta! 😀 la ce nivel esti?!

  8. Oyvin993 says:

    you just take “drive it” on your employees trucks that you bought for them,
    then it will simulate the time it takes untill they are done with the job
    in an instant. With that i have now over 5 million euros and 26 drivers

  9. Pwnzistor says:

    Could you write a short description of the mod? I’m wary of mods that make
    the game cheat-y

  10. riddick312 says:

    Thank you.

  11. riddick312 says:

    One thing you could do to increase your drivers income is to buy them the
    best engine upgrade and chassis,and focus them on adr and long distance . I
    have come up with a solution by myself by tweaking some of the economical
    features . Try this mod and reply if you like it The link to the mod is in
    the description. Goodluck and have fun.

  12. Sims Boy says:

    Ik A better way. Do deliveries

  13. riddick312 says:

    Da.E primu video si inca nu am lucrat destul la partea cu accentul:))

  14. daniel fiddis says:

    good advice ill try that 🙂

  15. JCJOgAmIN says:

    How did you record this?

  16. riddick312 says:

    Follow the steps in the description. Download the file and copy it to mods
    folder.Also train your drivers on adr and long distance first. Goodluck.

  17. riddick312 says:

    Glad to hear that. Keep it going.

  18. Theo Dragan says:

    esti roman? ai accent perfect de roman care vorbeste engleza :))

  19. riddick312 says:

    With Fraps.

  20. riddick312 says:

    I have made them a little bit worthier now , try the mod in the description
    . Something i worked on , hope you like it.

  21. riddick312 says:

    The implicit game’s cost were varying very much, for example the drivers
    were paying for fuel up to 3.6 euros/litre instead of 1.5 as we as players
    pay.Also there was the same situation with the maintanance costs and was
    almost impossible for the drivers to get a transport without damage with
    the setting of 0.8% chance of getting the transport intact.Another fact is
    the price per km,also exageratly big leaving almost nothing for the player
    itself. The last thing is the return empty probability.

  22. colorado152 says:

    I understand. But I started a game with Berlin as my base. (I build my
    garages in cities with 4 businesses) It does indeed have an ADR business.
    My drivers from there often haul to Manchester which has an ADR business as
    well. But it seems as though their ADR skills go to waste as they almost
    always haul valuable cargo instead.

  23. riddick312 says:

    The mod it’s an economical tweak, precisely targeting the folowing: fuel
    price for the drivers is now varying exacty as for the player, repair costs
    also brought down a bit and chance of getting a clean run is more high,
    chance of comming back empty is reduced. In conclusion they are more
    efficient without cutting their wage. Hope this clears out some things for
    you. If you have more questions i will be happy to answer them.

  24. Pwnzistor says:

    How do you make money with people you hire? They seem to make next to

  25. SecretStorm01 says:

    subbed! first one!

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