EASY MONEY Items that ANYONE can Sell On Ebay and Amazon for PROFIT! Top Items For Ebay

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24 Responses to “EASY MONEY Items that ANYONE can Sell On Ebay and Amazon for PROFIT! Top Items For Ebay”

  1. whittle4u says:

    Who’s gonna pay 6 bucks to ship a used mug?

  2. timay618 says:

    When you say high demand stuff what items are high demand? My items are
    kind of just sitting there. Any input would help.
    Thanks a million man!

  3. Pure Gamer God says:

    Please help me I am 16 years old my dad gave me £100 for buying and selling
    I probs going to buy and sell on ebay and amazon what do you recommend I
    do? And what about packaging im totally new to it how do I know what
    packaging to get and wont it cost alot? Thanks :)

  4. Amer Shazad says:

    who the hell is going to buy books? you can get them free from library 

  5. Paul Hetherton says:

    hello, I recently bought a copy teenage mutant ninja turtles 3 the
    manhattan project on ebay for Nintendo of course. I’m in Ireland, the
    seller is in the united states, he does not usually post outside of the US
    but in my case he made an exception.

    I did not get any tracking number with this purchase, its only been over a
    week since he mailed it out the last couple of days I have been emailing
    him asking for a tracking number if possible but I got no response yet. is
    there any other way of tracking the item or getting an idea of where it is
    at the moment?

  6. Sarah Mash says:

    I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would ever pay $40 for a coffee
    mug or $80 for a paperback..I get my mugs from the £1 shoo and buy
    paperbacks from the charity shop..lol . 

  7. wayne crookes says:

    subscribed cos i like you and you talk some good shit

  8. BigBudde & BooBoo says:

    thanks man awesome vid!!!

  9. Scott Cromwell says:

    I have a handful of books I plan to list on eBay. I also have my own scale
    at home so I can calculate shipping costs, pay for postage, print out the
    shipping label & packing slip, drop it off at the PO and done! So, I
    weighed this one book that came in at 3 lbs 10 ozs. I live in Seattle and
    to mail it the farthest distance to either NY or Florida, it costs $13.38.
    When you go to eBay to see what others are selling this same book for, I
    see prices that range from $5 to $10, many WITH FREE SHIPPING! How is it
    even possible to make a profit if you’re practically giving the book away
    for peanuts! Your margins get ate up with heavy books don’t they? The only
    way I can see to squeak out a profit from selling books on eBay is to have
    the buyer pay “Actual Shipping Costs” to their location. So, help me out,
    what am I missing in this scenario? Thanks in advance! BTW, your tutorials
    are very informative. Peace!

  10. WildWestHeero says:

    Nice information. Work on presentation. Not so much reading. Try to be
    yourself more.

  11. Maria Powell says:

    This is very helpful and well done. I’m kicking myself because I just gave
    the free library several boxes of book. I will cry for a little while then
    get started with your suggestions. Thanks

  12. Lee Serrano says:

    For me it’s DVDs, CDs & Toys!

  13. MissSubliminal says:

    Why do ppl think you have to use priority shipping or usps, ive been
    sending bday gifts,xmas gifts to florida fr michigan, ovrr 20 yrs, it
    nNEVER takes more that 2 days, economy

  14. Ben Sutherland says:

    I suggest mobiles i for the last week have bought and sold 4 mobiles making
    a 77 pound profit and would be a lot more if not for such expensive fees
    best way to do it os buy the phones on local facebook sites and gumtree as
    it is easy to haggle a good price i have done this in my spare time it took
    overall with listing and picking up about 5hours work so about 13 pound a
    hour not to bad 

  15. udit choudhary says:

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    how to create a sales page for an ebook try *Greega Online Sales Guru*
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  16. France Cloutier says:


  17. Freddy D says:

    Amdrew, Sharing on my facebook group for beginners.

  18. Lynell Green says:

    I have been watching and I can’t believe someone would buy a mug for 50 $
    I hope you are not a fake!!!

  19. unclearless says:

    Quick question, I have two coffe mugs and saucers in perfect condition from
    the TV show Freinds. They were only given out in 12 cities at special
    viewings of the last episode. I was at the live viewing at the House of
    Blues in Vegas. Never been used, I don’t drink coffee, what do you think
    the worth is? They say “A last night with friends” on them. They are huge.
    Like the ones in the show. Anyone, please help, thank you, – Kevin

  20. Deadhorse1 says:

    I’ve been selling full time on eBay for about 15 years, do as good now as
    ever, sold about 84k last year.
    I sell mostly antique tools, knives, gun parts and anything else I can make
    money on. I try to keep 30 things up at a time, always do auctions and
    start everything off at $9
    Very easy to find stuff to sell at flea markets and auctions.
    I have done well with some books and I look for good ones but most are hard
    to sell I think.
    Have to admit I’ve never gave any thoughts to mugs but now I have to give
    them a try…thanks for the tip!

  21. pearlmax says:

    Looks like I’ve discovered yet another reason to despise coffee drinkers.
    Morning, coffee breath, diarrhea having, coffee mug overpaying junkies.

  22. spaceorbison says:

    you can throw a mug in a padded envelop?

  23. Amber Bandicoot says:

    That book “Tree: A New Vision of the American Forest” is 26c on amazon. I
    have sold books on eBay and it’s a depressing enterprise: pennies on the
    dollar, not dollars on the penny, a few rare/lucky finds notwithstanding.
    I’m “flagday1960” on eBay, so go look. PS – I had a Ronald Reagan mug from
    his boyhood home. Couldn’t give it away. Gave it to a local thrift store.
    By the time I got it down to $2 and the listing was 30c, I said the hell
    with it. As for books, you’ll look a long, long time through a lot of
    thrift stores before you find that jewel. A tough way to make a living and
    an easy way to get depressed, esp. if you’re the orig. owner of the books.
    I’ve had to stack my well-reviewed military books in groups of 5-6 and give
    them away (the stack of 6 alone won’t fetch half of what I may’ve paid for
    an individual book). If you really want to get depressed, try to sell a
    great documentary DVD you paid $9 – $19 for 5 or 7 years ago, and now you
    can’t give it away. I have to call “bogus” on this, exceptions

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