Earn Money At Home – Making Cosmetics & Cleaning Products Is High Profit And Easy

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Earn Money At Home – Making Cosmetics & Cleaning Products Is High Profit And Easy


Would you believe you don’t need a chemistry degree or an expensive laboratory to produce high profit, top quality, high demand household, commercial and industrial cleaning products or luxury cosmetics?


It’s a great business for anyone wanting to earn money at home – the profit margins can easily reach 1000%.


Once you have the formulations, it’s as simple as this to make top quality products:


1. Set up your home laboratory.

This requires only simple equipment. Some of it you already have ay home, the rest can easily be obtained from a supermarket or hardware store.


2. Order your raw ingredients.

There are many suppliers. You only need to buy what you require for each order.



3. Choose your packaging to suit the image of your products. There are many suppliers for bottles, jars. tubes, etc.


4. Mix the ingredients together according to the instructions.


5. Transfer your product from the mixing product into bottles, jars, etc.


6. Distribute your product.

There are many avenues to sell cosmetics and cleaning products and earn money at home.


Let’s look more closely at just a few of the ways you can earn money at home.


1. Start your own direct selling network. You’re making necessity items that everyone needs, so they’re easy to sell.

You can sell to family, friends, retailers, businesses, etc. You can earn money at home by having your own sales team working on commission, and still make big profits.


2. You can offer your products to schools, sports clubs, charities and many other organizations in need of fundraising.

Because the profit margins in making cleaning products and cosmetics is so huge, you can offer a much better deal than selling cooking and candles.


3. Earn money at home by making specialized products with unique ingredients and aromas for beauty, hair and spa salons.

Offer individual formulations and packaging for each business.


These are just a few of the many ways you can earn money at home and join the prestigious and high profit cosmetic and cleaning products industry.



Sam Stein is a retired cosmetic and chemical engineer from Australia. He is the founder of AustraLab Australia, a unique business concept which reveals the high profit secrets behind the chemical and cosmetic manufacturing industry. To learn more about how you can become part of this multi-billion dollar industry, see http://www.australab.com

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