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  1. workwithksmusselman says:

    This is AWESOME! I’m working on my first recipe ebook NOW!!!

  2. cecil rhodes says:

    +Zero Fatz I have been going a month strong now in a great niche that I
    cannot reveal. I have not put one out a day but I have about 15 books and
    my sales are climbing everyday more and more. I don’t use KDP Pro, simply
    ms word but I know how to format correctly . I am here to tell people you
    can make money at this, just look over you finished product and don’t keep
    everything as you find it from the internet. Make little tweets and it will
    still only take 1 day to make. I do my own cover design and I am
    experienced Photoshop graphic designer. The first month I made around 350
    but I am making more every day. Thank you so much for this video. If every
    one would twist this idea a little you won’t have any problems with Amazon.
    I am proof this works. Good luck to everyone.

  3. peter blundell says:

    Thanks for the video I be following your instructions to the letter, must
    admit you make it look easy, I will crank them out lol let you know how
    goes in my first month, cheers mate

  4. Betty van Molen says:

    Lazy plagiarism plain and simple
    Mr Burk

  5. Bob Shroy says:

    Copyright law does not protect recipes that are mere listings of
    ingredients. Nor does it protect other mere listings of ingredients such as
    those found in formulas, compounds, or prescriptions. Copyright protection
    may, however, extend to substantial literary expression—a description,
    explanation, or illustration, for example—that accompanies a recipe or
    formula or to a combination of recipes, as in a cookbook.
    Only original works of authorship are protected by copyright. “Original”
    means that an author produced a work by his or her own intellectual effort
    instead of copying it from an existing work.
    For further information about copyright, see Circular 1, Copyright Basics.
    Note that if your recipe has secret ingredients that you do not want to
    reveal, you may not want to submit it for registration, because
    applications and deposit copies are public records.
    Deposit requirements depend on whether a work has been published at the
    time of registration:
    If the work is unpublished, one complete copy
    If the work was first published in the United States on or after January 1,
    1978, two complete copies of the best edition
    If the work was first published outside the United States, one complete
    copy of the work as first published
    If the work is a contribution to a collective work and was published after
    January 1, 1978, one complete copy of the best edition of the collective
    work or a photocopy of the contribution itself as it was published in the
    collective work

    FL-122, Reviewed December 2011

  6. Asad Beldo says:

    Do the recipe book still make you money I only want to focus on areas that
    sell well. need to do my own research in order to understand which areas
    are more profitable thx cam

  7. Jewel Guzzardi says:

    Your “Adventures on the River” is great. Helping me a lot. Keep on doing
    what you’re doing. The world needs more people like you. Can’t say how
    much I appreciate your work. Thanks.
    Jewel Guzzardi

  8. ChaldeanCauldron says:

    Problem with e-books is you can get the same info for free in dozens of

  9. joe smart says:

    How are you going to place picture for your recipe book? What about a book

  10. Jack Hunter says:

    Lol, I didnt click on the link, but this is a waste of time. I think its
    probably video intended to affiliate for KP Pro, which is utter garbage and
    I wouldnt use it for free. If you need to create ebooks, Google calibre,
    its free and its far better.

  11. Devocean Studio says:

    lol dude that’s crazy just copy and paste other people writing and piece
    it together and post it on amazon!! lol brilliant

  12. Mocha Gypsy says:

    The way I see it, you’re arranging and organizing information for people to
    read in one place. You’re earning money for doing all the leg work! Great
    video… THANKS! :D

  13. nets1984 says:

    how can i contact you so i can ask you more questions about ebooks if you
    have a email address let me know i want to do recipts health and fitness
    and how to make money i hope to hear from you soon take care 

  14. Slavica Skala says:

    Let me inform all kindle ebooks writers that before Amazon publishes a book
    they do research (its automatic) if the text you are submitting is already
    available on some public domain. They will not publish something you got
    for free and want to resell it in the same format. If they catch you doing
    this they will close your account.

  15. Von S. says:

    Kam – you have a great spirit of helpfulness! God Bless You for your
    willingness and strive to help people like ME, learn QUICK, inexpensive,
    understandable ways to generate income.
    The HATERS on here should simply MOVE ON. This country is founded on
    opportunities – which very commonly involve the use of other’s ideas to
    some degree. Auto manufacturers, retail stores, restaurants often “borrow”
    ideas from their competitors. KEEP doing what you’re doing – and don’t
    waste time REPLYING back and forth to these close-minded folks throwing
    negativity your way.
    Lastly, I love to write – and have been wanting to write an E-BOOK for
    the longest time. I’m truly inspired I must say by this posting (written a
    year ago I see). Thanks!

  16. nets1984 says:

    hey zerofatzreturn i wanted to know can i add pics with making a recipt
    ebook also i do have kdp pro i haven’t used it yet but im about to start 

  17. Octavian Trutulescu says:

    During a review of your KDP submission, we found content in your book that
    is freely available on the web. Before we can publish your book, you need
    to take one of the following actions within five days:

  18. Squirrel Attackspidy says:

    Hey dude. Why would people buy cooking books when you can find tons of
    recipes on the internet?

  19. peter blundell says:

    bloody awesome bro cheers

  20. Christopher Nantais says:

    I copied the Title, the ingredients and directions as you said and this is
    what I got back from Amazon: 25 Coffee Lover Recipes: Morning Cup Of Joe by
    Lover, Chris Nantais A Coffee (AUTHOR) (ID:5549943)

    During a review of your KDP submission, we found content in your book that
    is freely available on the web. Before we can publish your book, you need
    to take one of the following actions within five days:

    1. If you hold the publishing rights for all of the content in this
    book, resubmit your book for publishing following the instructions provided
    2. If the book is in the public domain, please confirm the initial
    publication date of the work and the author’s date of death. We will
    contact you if we need additional information.
    3. If you do not hold rights for all of the content in this book, please
    remove the book following the instructions provided below.

    If you publish books for which you do not hold the electronic publishing
    rights, we may terminate your account or you may lose access to optional
    KDP services

  21. Jennifer Zenn says:

    Great video! I have a question: I followed your video pretty much to the
    T, and uploaded a recipe book with an intro and ending that I wrote. I got
    an email today from Kindle Direct Publishing that says: …we found
    content in your book that is freely available on the web. Before we can
    publish your book, you need to take one of the following actions within 5
    days…” and then they give me options to basically NOT claim copyrights to
    my ebook, etc. Do you know why this happened? I’m stumped. I am using KD
    Publishing Pro also 

  22. Caroline Dally CDR says:

    Thank you. I have been confused and frustrated for months on how to make a
    ebook finally someone YOU speak my language lol Im now excited about
    starting a online business.. Thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnks Heaps.. from down under
    in Australia / New Zealand

  23. Marva Cooke says:

    I have learned sooooo much… I like writing, but I think I would enjoy
    working less to get a completed project even more… thanks for the great

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